388/6A, Wireless 3rd Street, Kabar Aye, Mayangone, Yangon, Myanmar

(+95) 09 253 688 883 ~884



Building / Structure

  • Shall have at least 20 bedrooms with modern facilities and offer food
  • Shall be of solid construction, structurally safe and in good state of repair
  • The building shall have bedrooms, dining facilities, bars, lounges, storage rooms, housekeeping, laundry, front desk and parking facilities
  • One parking lot per guest bedroom


GUEST bedroom

  • At least 2 windows that open directly to the external air
  • Contain furniture and fittings of good quality, including:
  • A bed with mattress that does not sag in the middle
  • A wardrobe with hangers, shelves or drawers
  • Dressing table with a mirror, dressing stool
  • Fire−resistant curtains
  • Bedside lamp whose switch can be operated from the bed
  • Beds shall be made daily and bed linen changed at least every 3rd day and for each guest
  • Guest shall be provided with keys to their bedrooms
  • A drinking glass per person and a water flask


Bathroom and Sanitary Facilities

  • A bath and/or shower, washbasin and toilet
  • Hot and cold running water at all times
  • At least one window opening directly to the external air
  • Adequate supply of soap, toilet paper and towels
  • Bathroom stool, shower curtain, sanitary disposable bin, air freshener
  • Bathroom accessories such as mirror, soap tray, toilet brush, shower curtain, bath mat, bath room stool
  • A door which can be locked or bolted


Dining Area or Restaurant

  • Seating accommodation for at least 50 people
  • Floor be of impervious material or fitted with wall to wall carpet
  • Chairs for dining tables or stools for counters
  • Table appointment of good quality, e.g. ashtray, table−cloths, cutlery, napkins
  • Menu cards for each guest
  • Crockery and glass ware of good quality
  • Adequate artificial lighting shall be provided


Kitchen and Wash-Ups

  • At least 2 sinks or dish−washing machines
  • Adequate refrigerators
  • Cooking equipment for boiling, roasting, grilling, steaming, e.t.c
  • Wash hand basin with adequate supply of hot and cold running water, soap and hand towels
  • Kitchen be kept free of insects, flies and rodents
  • Adequate provision of ventilation
  • Adequate artificial and natural lighting


Pantry or food Storage

  • Stores be kept free of insects, flies and rodent
  • Adequate cold−rooms or freezers
  • A separate storage room for liquor


Lounge and Bar

  • Adequate seating accommodation
  • Stainless steel sink with cold and hot running water for washing glasses
  • Counter freezers
  • Upholstered chairs, armchairs, sofas, cocktail tables, bar stools and contents
  • Adequate bar shelving
  • Wall to wall carpet or floor be of impervious material


Public Convenience

  • Toilets in separate compartments with sanitary disposable bins
  • Adequate supply of toilet requisites e.g soaps, toilet paper, disinfectants, e.t.c.
  • Windows, accessories such as mirrors, clothes hooks, ashtrays, e.t.c
  • Entry into sanitary facilities should allow for emergency access


Service and Reception

  • Reception area be of good decorative order
  • Laundry services be provided for the hotel and guests
  • Housekeeping be provided for keeping and servicing hotel facilities
  • Maintenance department be within hotel premises


Management or Personnel

  • The hotel shall be under the regular supervision of a person trained or experienced in hotel management
  • At least 3 persons trained and capable of supervising the services provided
  • Staff should obtain valid health certificates, renewable every 6 months
  • Staff should be provided with uniforms



  • Approved fire−fighting appliances
  • Fire and emergency services be displayed
  • Approved first−aid be provided
  • Properly designed system for garbage disposal
  • Proper First Aid−Kit shall be provided



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