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Four Star Hotel Requirement

Four Star Hotel Requirement "Reference: Canadian Standards For Hotel And Motel"

FOUR STAR (****)

Four-star properties provide expanded facilities and services. The quality of the amenities and facilities are superior.



  • Indoor and / or outdoor parking area, with security, lighted, direct access from car with a canopy.
  • Lobby with seats and complimentary beverage (non-alcoholic) at peak times.
  • Reservation phone line to be answered by an individual.
  • 24-hour reception desk accessible by phone 24-hours from inside and outside.
  • Central safe / safety deposit boxes and / or in-room safe.
  • Elevator required if four or more floors.
  • Beverage (non-alcoholic) accessible 24 hours (may be by vending machine, commissary, front desk, retail outlet, etc.)
  • Sealed bin ice dispenser every two floors OR by room service OR by 100% of units with ice making capabilities.
  • Public phone and house phone indoors.
  • Internet access available in the public area.
  • Internet terminal for guest use in the public area.
  • Bell service on request.
  • Cloakroom / storage area, no service attendant.
  • Photocopy / fax / email / scan provided on the premises.
  • Variety of convenience items (e.g. toothbrush, toothpaste, comb) plus a selection of sundry merchandise (e.g. candy, beverage, health & beauty, novelty, gift & reading items) available is a defined area or commissary. May be adjacent to reception desk, serviced by desk staff.
  • Food service readily accessible seven days per week offering breakfast, lunch and dinner. A la carte / table service restaurant or dining room, onsite or within 50 m from the property’s front door.
  • Bar / lounge open at least six days per week. Furnished room, cocktail and aperitif service, mood music (onsite or within 50 m from the property’s front door).



  • Daily housekeeping must be available.
  • Guest rooms clearly identified with a name or number on or by the entrance door.
  • Keyed self-locking door, plus additional locking device (such as deadbolt) and security device (such as security chain, swinging bar door guard) and peephole.
  • One approved and functional smoke detector per unit.
  • Connecting Room Doors: All connecting doors must be equipped with an effective keyed locking device to prevent opening from the other side.
  • Sliding Patio Doors: Each sliding door must be equipped with an effective locking device. A secondary security lock is required on all ground floor doors.
  • Windows: Each opening window in a ground floor unit must be equipped with an effective locking device.
  • Concealed clothes handling facilities with min. eight non-wire hangers, including two pant / skirt hangers. Shelf for linen / clothes.
  • Luggage rack / bench.
  • Iron and ironing board in 100% of rooms.
  • Laundry bag.
  • Laundry or dry-cleaning service – items delivered to the reception desk before 9 a.m. returned within 24 hours (weekends excluded).
  • Guest directory in room (with cover and enhanced content or available electronically).
  • Beverage (non-alcoholic) available in room.
  • Food room service until 10 p.m. Menu in the room. Service at regular meal times (breakfast, lunch & dinner).
  • Lighting (covered with shade / globe) that lights the entry and bedroom area with light switch by entry.
  • Unit is well-illuminated.
  • Three seating surfaces (upholstered chairs or twin couch), dresser, table / desk workspace 0.5 m2 with appropriate lighting and an available power socket by workspace. Side table / tray / coffee table by a seating area.
  • Waste basket.
  • 100% direct dial telephone.
  • Color-TV in an appropriate size to the room, remote control, with cable / satellite and a movie channel (no commercials during movie).
  • High-speed Internet access (e.g. broadband, WLAN).
  • Wake up device – clock alarm / radio.
  • Mini-fridge or mini-bar in min.5% of units.
  • Full length mirror.
  • Window coverage: room blackout in bedroom area.
  • Sufficient drinking utensils for room capacity.
  • Glass drinking utensils available.
  • Writing utensils and note pad.
  • Decorative items / pictures / prints.
  • Additional blanket available on request.
  • Pillows – choice of fill available.
  • Additional pillow available on request.
  • Bathrobe on request.
  • Daily newspaper available.
  • 50% King beds or Queen beds with remainder Double beds or two Single beds.
  • Headboard, bedside table / tray, pillow, pillow protector & pillowcase, mattress, mattress cover pad.
  • Reading light next to bed.
  • Change of bed linen at least twice a week, plus daily change of bed linen on request.
  • Power outlet next to bed with at least one socket available.
  • One operable window or effective powered ventilation that introduces fresh air into the units.
  • Individual adjustable thermostat control.



  • 100% private bathrooms.
  • Minimum of two complete sets of towels, consisting of, at least, one large bath towel, one hand towel, & one face cloth per guest.
  • Minimum of one new individual soap bar (or equivalent).
  • Adequate quantities of toilet tissue, in a suitable & convenient dispenser.
  • Wastebasket in the bathroom.
  • One bath mat and a non-skid device for the tub / shower.
  • Clothes hanging hook.
  • Mirror.
  • Approved vanity bulb lighting (covered with shade / globe).
  • GFI outlet at vanity (mirror) area.
  • Facial tissue.
  • Hairdryer.
  • Upgraded amenities package, well presented (min. three items including shampoo and soap bar over 1 oz. or equivalent plus additional cosmetic / personal care products, e.g. body lotions, cotton swabs, nail file).
  • Adjustable vanity mirror.
  • Shelf for toiletries.
  • Towel handling facility.
  • Ventilation (window / vent / powered exhaust fan).
  • Bathroom floors constructed of impervious material & well sealed along the bathtub / shower / toilet & walls. No carpet in the bathroom.
  • Bathtub or shower to be four-piece or enhanced three-piece, plus enhanced bathroom fixtures. Some rooms with shower cubicle separate from tub



The average quality score will be calculated for each of the three sections:

  • Exterior / interior, public areas, elevators, food & beverage outlets.
  • Guest rooms and hallways.
  • Bathrooms.


If the average quality scores are between 4.0 and 4.49, the property will receive a 4 Star rating. If the average quality scores for all three sections are above 4.50, the property will receive a 4+ Star rating

“Reference: Canadian Standards For Hotel And Motel”


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