388/6A, Wireless 3rd Street, Kabar Aye, Mayangone, Yangon, Myanmar

(+95) 09 253 688 883 ~884

Minimum Requirements for Youth Hostel

Minimum Requirements for Youth Hostel

  • The premises shall be registered in the register of Youth Hostels
  • Operate under the direct management of a non−profit making organization
  • Constructed for the overnight shelter of members of approved organizations
  • The sleeping accommodation shall be by dormitories, huts or separate bedrooms
  • The premises must provide for a suitable segregation of the sexes in sleeping accommodation, toilet or sanitary facilities, where persons of different sex are to be catered for
  • At least one common room to serve as dining and recreation room for members
  • Sale of intoxicants prohibited
  • The premises shall conform to a reasonable standard of cleanliness
  • The premises shall be managed by a responsible warden
  • It shall have a kitchen
  • It shall provide meals and refreshments for not less than 30 hostellers
  • Precautions shall be taken against fire


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